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You Can Work From Home And Earn Extra Income Promoting Free Price Comparison Software

Working from home, whether by choice or due to circumstances, is an appealing option to many. Earning extra income is always nice, and in these days of economic turmoil, is becoming a necessity for most of us. If you have a home computer, it’s time to put it to work promoting free price comparison software.

The advantages of working from home are many. No office rent to pay for, no employees to worry about, and flexible time schedules to suit your lifestyle. Now you can work from home and earn extra income promoting free price comparison software. My Shopping Genie is an innovative software application that installs on a computer in minutes, searches the internet for the product you want to buy, and produces a list of online retailers with the lowest prices and best deals on the internet, in the same time the search engine takes to produce search results. One click lets the user compare prices and takes them directly to the websites, so making a decision and purchasing the item is quick and convenient.

You know lots of people who shop online already, so promoting this free price comparison software won’t be difficult. Anyone with a computer who shops online is a potential customer – and a revenue generator for you. The technical side of promoting My Shopping Genie is done for you, as they provide you with a website for you to use in your promotion efforts. You send people to your site, they download the software, and you start making money. There are other ways to earn extra income with My Shopping Genie as well.

Other ways to boost your earnings include signing up to affiliate programs offered by some of the retailers appearing in the price comparisons generated by the software application. If someone has downloaded the software from your site, then buys from one of those retailers, you earn a commission on the sale. If anyone who has downloaded the software from your site decided to start promoting the software themselves, you earn even more.

There are several ways to market your website, and My Shopping Genie is already gaining a reputation thanks to appearances and reviews on CNN Bargain Hunter. You can promote your website anywhere; email your family, friends and colleagues, advertise in online classified directories and much more. Internet marketing need not break the budget either, and you will have to invest only a little time to start seeing results.

Thanks to the internet and the growing popularity of online shopping, it’s easy to work from home and earn extra income promoting free price comparison software. Many people state that they prefer to shop online because it is easier to compare prices online that visiting 10 different physical stores. My Shopping Genie goes one better and finds the best deals for you. Whatever your reasons for wanting to work from home, promoting free price comparison software is one of the easiest ways to make extra income.

Author: Вилково For additional information about my shopping genie free software please visit our website where you will be able to download my shopping genie software and install my shoppinggenie for free Enjoy your Shopping and save.

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