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Why Should You Purchase Reason 5.0 Music Making Software?

When Reason first came out it was a music software revolution. Created by the Swedish group Propellerhead Software, it provides everything that music software are expected to have, such as the synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, mixers, effects, etc., but presents them in a brand new way and with superior quality.

Reason is basically a complete music studio but all inside your computer. Practically speaking it loses none of the functionality of a real life studio and is enough to create professional sounding music out of the box. As a stand-alone product it’s already enough for the normal sized project, but if you want you can also combine it other audio software using Rewire.

It all started back in 2000 with the release of Reason 1.0. The number one element which caught everyone’s attention was the virtual studio rack, where you could insert your choice of effects and virtual instruments. This studio rack looked exactly like the real thing, complete with wobbling cables at the backside!

Since the first version’s arrival there have been four versions, the newest being Reason 5.0. The newest software has a number of features any music lover can enjoy and any professional artist can appreciate: Subtractive and graintable synthesizers, simple and advanced samplers, loop playback devices with pre-recorded samples, sample based drum machine, and 16-Pad drum synthesizer.

The Neptune pitch adjuster is one of the new effects available only in Reason 5.0, which allows you to auto tune the vocal track. It also contains a voice synthesizer by which you can create new harmonies using your vocal tracks and MIDI keyboard. This is a fitting addition to all the great quality effects of Reason such as the chorus, reverb, vocoder, etc.

The only disadvantage in Reason 5.0, amidst all its great features, is that it lacks the ability to record audio on its own, and it doesn’t accept third-party plugins. The audio recording part is where ReWire comes in. These restrictions might seem disadvantageous at first, but it doest effectively lend to stability and reliability of the software. Reason is very light on your CPU, and it doesn’t hang or crash like the other music softwares regularly do.

For its price I guess it’s one of the best buys, so long as you can swallow some of its quirks, like the lack of audio sampling support and third party plug-ins. If you can, then Reason 5.0 will definitely count as all you need to create the music of your dreams.

If you’ve made the choise to unleash your music making creativity, then look at Reason 5.0 on your own. You can browse other articles by the author right here.

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