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Which is the Best Photography Software

When looking to buy the best photography software for your digital camera, it is often easy to become confused by so many package s as well as so many conflicting views as to which package you should buy. The best advice is to look at your budget and for what you need the software, and then choose from one of the best four packages below:

Coral paint shop is a great product and one that goes easy on your budget. One of the best features of this software is the one click transformation of your images as well as quick red eye removal and color enhancements. There are both basic and advanced features to this software as well as a good step by step learning center to help new comers to the world of digital photography.

One of the most widely used packages for digital photography is Adobe Photoshop 8. Although there are many more recent version, version 8 still remains popular as well as being an economic solution to your needs. It allows you to merge warp and reshape your images, and although it is not advanced enough for the really serious photographer it is a great value all round package.

For those who are slightly more serious about their photography, you have probably heard of Adobe light room. This package is used in professional photography in order to enhance your original images; it is not a package that allows you to have fun with your images, and is therefore suited more to the professional photographer.

The winner of all digital photography software packages in recent times has to be adobe Photoshop CS4. With this package there does however comes a rather large price tag, but one that is well worth it when you look at the huge range of features available for both the home photographer as well as the business man. This package is suited to the enthusiast or the professional, allowing you to play around with your images as well as enhance them and make the most out of your photography.

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