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What are the Types of Truck Drivers Wanted Jobs?

In my prior blog on factors when choosing a truck drivers wanted position, I specified the difficulties to bear in mind when selecting a career. In this article I will focus on several types of truck driving job opportunities. As we take a look at these careers, it will be beneficial to consider the various job concerns and take into account those that are most significant for you.

Trucking Jobs

There are numerous types of drivers wanted opportunities. Truck driving opportunities are commonly grouped depending on the kind of trailer and also the area or region that is serviced. In upcoming blogs we are going to go further in depth with all the specific varieties of opportunities but in this post I am going to briefly point out the different types of positions and give particular characteristics of each.

Types of Truck Driving Opportunities:

Classified by the Type of Trailer

Dry Vans – Most common design of trailer. The freight is fully enclosed and requires very little work in order to secure.. Flatbeds – Just like the name indicates, these are the flat (wide open) trailers. These trailers can be used for something that because of size or shape cannot go in a dry van.

Flatbeds – As the name suggests, they are the flat (open) trailers. These trailers are used for anything that because of shape or size cannot be put into a dry van. Flatbeds need extra work to be able to secure and tarp the freight. This could be both cumbersome as well as arduous but also means more wages.

Refers – Similar to dry vans except for the inner area of the trailer is refrigerated. This is made for food items and other products that has to be kept in a steady cool temperature range and even frozen. Again this brings special responsibilities and can mean additional wages.

Tankers – Used to carry liquid and other substances that cannot be packaged. Requires extra training and, depending on the company can mean extra compensation.

Containers – Containers move cargo into and out of ports.

Specialized – General Classification that could include Low Boys (Heavy Equipment), Vehicle Haulers, Furniture Movers, and Bull Haulers (Livestock). All these variety of positions mandate specific training and may also lead to extra money.

Classified by the region which is Serviced

OTR-Over the Road Drivers – The majority of brand-new drivers start off in these positions. These drivers can have runs that take them all over the United states. The days absent from your home can vary. Some companies have the drivers back home on the weekends and some keep them absent for 2 or 3 weeks.

Regional Drivers – In these jobs, drivers commonly stay in a certain region (Southeast, Midwest, etc). Some of these positions make it possible for a driver to get home a few times a week or more.

Local Drivers – Local drivers often have the most time at home. Some even possess jobs where by they are home daily. Many times these particular positions compensate per hour.

Team Drivers – Companies make use of teams to obtain optimal production and keep the truck moving. Usually one person sleeps and the other drives. Teams can be away from home for long intervals. Pay varies from company to company. Living inside of the truck with a co-worker can be challenging.


LTL is an acronym for Less than Truckload. This is a distinct classification which we will include in a separate blog. The benefits of these jobs are that drivers are ordinarily home every day and make a nice income. The downsides are that the opportunity is usually physically and mentally strenuous.

Company Drivers vs Owner Operators

Also, there are two varieties of drivers which are categorized based on who owns the truck and pays the bills. Company drivers drive a truck provided by the company. The company pays the expenses and maintenance for the truck. Owner Operators, alternatively supply the truck and pay for most of the expenses but also earn considerably more income per mile.

As you have seen, there are numerous kinds of truck drivers wanted jobs. As we move along, we are going to post more articles concentrating on each type separately. For right now, this gives you some ideas about the kind of truck driving job opportunities and briefly what you should expect from each job.

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