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Watch Streaming How I Met Your Mother Episodes Online

The long story of How I Met Your Mother is what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs. This is why we need you to bring you laptops guys.

Ted Mosby’s „story“ is designed to give useful lessons to his children as they enter young adulthood. This not so much about the way he met his wife. His quest for „the one“ is only a footnote in this cool story as well. Ted learned a lot of useful things along the way when he was in search for the beautiful Mrs. Mosby. We do not even „meet“ her after five seasons. A lot of information is leaked. This story of How I Met Your Mother could become absurd if the creators of this TV series do not „meet“ her at any time in the future.

Now we are going to talk about some possible spoilers. Fans might be disappointed in Season 5 if they are drawn in by Ted Mosby’s journey to find his future wife. Fans waiting for the next Mrs. Mosby were thirsty in the 100th episode. Apart from that episode we do not see any advancement in this facet of the TV plot.

One of the coolest things you will find in the Season 5 is all the things done by Barney Stinson. Barney has a strong sexual life and a lot of unique and crazy sexual escapades such as „The Perfect Week“ (ep.14) and „The Playbook“ (ep.8) to be more specific.

How I Met Your Mother is cool. This is something we must say because this TV program is popular and has a strong fan base. While Ted is looking for the woman of his life and teaching a lot of useful things to his children, we will have a lot of fun.

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