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Watch Detroit 187 Online Full Length Episodes

Detroit is one of the most dangerous areas of America and this drama is taking us to this place. The cops in this TV plot will try to solve many crimes that are really hard to unveil. They will also takes up deep into this city. You will enjoy a really great drama with these guys solving crimes. You will also enjoy the cool cast of characters.

Ariana Detective Sanchez (Natalie Martinez) is the sexy girl that is needed in this type of television programs. She had a hard past and you realize you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. John Stone (DJ Cotrona), a secret detective Narcotics is one of the main characters. One of the best things of this sort is that he is very intelligent. You see a lot of tension between the House and Sanchez over time.

A sexy detective is always cool in a crime show. Detective Ariana Sanchez (Natalie Martinez) will have to overcome her hard past and she is the beauty you are waiting for in this drama. John Stone (D.J. Cotrona) is a secret Narcotics Detective. He is very smart as well as very suave talker. You will watch a lot of sexual tension with Stone and Sanchez as partners.

After 30 years with the department, Sergeant Jesse Longford (James McDaniel) is thinking about his retirement. He is here because of his love for the city and his job. Aman Mahajan (Shaun Majumder) from India, is one of the newest members of her department. You will watch some smart dialogues between the new school Mahjan and the old school Longford.

Enjoy Detroit 1-8-7 this is a very cool drama, full of clever dialogues and strong characters. I highly recommend it, as have a good time with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing this article.

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