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Twilight Movie Homemade Gift Memorabilia

Do you recognize these characters, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, the Cullen Family or the pack of wolves? Who doesn’t? Everyone does, so I know that there are a lot of Twilight saga fanatics in the world and most probably one of your love one’s or friends are one of them. So, why not give them a gift that speak or represents Twilight? Yeah, I know there are a lot of Twilight gifts n the market, even on eBay there are a lot, but hey, wouldn’t it be great to give something that you created yourself? So, to help you with that, I created a list of great Twilight Homemade Gift ideas.

Homemade Twilight Statement T-Shirt

A great gift idea for Twilight fans is a personalized t-shirt. Creating personalized tees is easy and surely the person who’ll receive this will love this and wear it. To start with this gift, you must have a plain colored shirt. Usually the easiest colors to work on are light colors like white, blue, yellow and the like. Once you have a t-shirt, you can start painting on it. Create a design that focuses on Twilight. You may use these sample „I love Edward“, „I love Bella“, „I love Jacob“, „I’m a Cullen“, „Little Miss Cullen“, etc. You have lots to choose from, you can use scripts, tags, and so on. Use your creativity and imagination to create a great piece of gift. There are lots of personalized tees online but it is best to create your own if you can to make sure you have given a personal touch into it. Use a variety of paints if you can to create a masterpiece.

Recycled Personalized Twilight Quilt

If you’ve seen the Eclipse movie then you probably remembered the quilt Bella’s mom made for her. Yes it’s cute and the good thing is, you can create that using old shirts. So, how to create this, well its simple; just make statements on your old shirts to make sure it fits the Twilight movie, then cut the front and back portions into rectangles or squares and sew the sides together to create a quilt. This gift is time consuming but if you want someone to be happy, you have to take time to create the best gift for them.

Homemade Twilight Tumbler

Drinking coffee or any other drinks will never be the same once you’ve given this gift. Create a personalized Twilight tumbler to Twilight fanatics and I’m sure they’ll treasure it. They can use this for drinking or they can just keep it as a collection. This is easy to make, simple look for a clear mug where you can insert a design or stick a design on it. Starbucks offers this kind on mugs so go ahead and check on it. Once you have the mug, you may manually paint or simple print designs into a paper and stick it on the mug or insert it on the slot provided. You can personalize the design by adding the name of your love one or your friends.

Twilight Eclipse – Bella’s Hand’s Down Graduation Bracelet

This can be a romantic gift or simply a memorabilia gift. On the movie, Jacob gave Bella a hand’s down bracelet with a wooden wolf charm. So, Edward also wants representation and he added a sparkling diamond heart charm to represent his body and his sparkles. You don’t need to give a diamond crystal if you can afford it but you can create a replica of this gift. All you need is a bracelet were you can attach charms on it. For the wolf charm, you can look for wolf charms in specialty stores; it does not need to be made in wood if you can’t find one. For the hear charm, you can add a crystal or Swarovski crystal.

We have listed more Movie Gifts and Ideas for you, so if you know someone who loves movies, check our site for more. We also have a complete list of Homemade Gift Ideas, please feel free to visit us.

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