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Trying Out Something New In Indian Cinema

There have been a lot of changes in the trends of latest Hindi films this Millennium. Scripts are more mature and narrate all types of socio-political issues. The field of cinematography has gone through progressive changes with latest equipment and techniques, which have helped film directors in a big way.

Soundtracks used have undergone important changes lately because of the influences from the west. Directors try to attract public with item songs even when the films are of poor quality.

One of the most important changes is the huge investment to marketing and promoting movies. There are many opportunities as far as the film industry is concerned, one reason why films are promoted so well. Take a look at Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar’s debut film. It signaled the starting of a new era of feel good and young films with all the song, dance and drama that Hindi film industry is popular for but also with subtle sensibilities that made it stand out.

Indian cinema is not restricted to the latest Hindi movies but to the movie industry as a whole. Art or specialized films are changed to fit on big screens. A genre which deals with the real world subjects like City of Gold exploring Mumbai mill workers‘ lives has become common. Film directors experiment with various concepts and interpretations of reality. Since films only depict real life and are not exactly its mirror image, a lot of room is available for artistically narrating ordinary living.

New Hindi films (mainly the popular kind) have turned to shooting many of the movies in foreign locations. Action films have dangerous stunt sequences and are packaged better.

A few years back, women were relegated as love interests and mostly shown depending the hero completely. But films like Fashion and The President is Coming have proved that an a successful film can be made even without male leads. Filmmakers are moving to the less explored genres like horror and making fascinating movies other than the staple ghost films. Newest Hindi films like Raaz, Phoonk and 13B have shown that thriller films can be popular too.

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