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Tinker Bell Dolls – Still a Charmer

Peter Pan was a novel created by English author James Barrie well over a century ago. Over the decades since, the inspiration for Tinker Bell dolls has been presented on the London stage in multiple versions; in the 1950s, it was made into a Broadway Musical starring Mary Martin as the boy who refused to grow up. Disney animated features and several live action movies have introduced the story to new generations of children who never fail to be delighted by it.

A series of books depicting not just Tinker Bell, but her many friends in Neverland was begun in the past decade. Children now approach their imaginative games with even more ideas about the world these characters inhabit including the food they eat, what they wear and the jobs they do. Figures with moving parts make it easier for children to fully realize their creative games.

When a new film or DVD is released, new Tinker Bell dolls might also be released as part of a cross-marketing promotion. These dolls may include numerous costumes as well other accessories such as tree houses and flower carts – all designed to delight and stimulate the childhood imagination at play.

For collectors there are also decorative figurines. They do nothing but look pretty, but there is a wide variety available. Tinker Bell has changed over the decades into the character families recognize today, so if you can find earlier versions these will add depth to a collection and perhaps monetary value as well.

You’ll find Tinker Bell in a lot of other products as well, These include bed sheet sets as well as childrens‘ pajamas, lamp shades, light-switch plates, beach and bath towels, water bottles and lunch boxes. Tink’s image appears on bags, children’s clothing and other accessories such as sunglasses for the girl who must take her favorite character with her everywhere.

You can also invite Tinker Bell and her friends to a little girl’s birthday party. Cake dolls are made out of plastic and are inserted into a cake just before it is served. These waist-up figures are very nice party favors that can be given to party guests at the end of the celebration.

Like many favorite figures, these dolls are not just made of plastic. Buy the soft version instead. Along with her blanket and pillow, a child can snuggle-up to a plush Tinker Bell from her earliest months in the crib. Her notion of time will begin early if parents offer their child a wrist watch during the early school years with the face of Tink gazing-out from between the numbers and hands.

Finally, there are costume pieces that allow little girls to take on the character themselves. Retailers offer wings, wigs and those funky „leaf“ dresses as well as tights, making an ideal choice for Halloween or other costume-theme party. Even adult women, looking for something quirky and amusing find appeal heere, reliving girlhood fantasies. It seems that Tinker Bell still has a strong appear for children of all ages – even those past thirty and under ninety.

Whether you are in the market for Tinker Bell dolls or want to learn about other types of collector dolls, check out resident expert Anne Harvester on these pages for valuable tips.

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