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The Technique Behind The Genius Rock Song

A song may be rearranged to suit any style of music. However, the writing style used will ALWAYS affect how a song is written. That is why it is essential for songwriters to be well versed at the unique formations of different types of music.

Our first tutorial on stylistic differences will concern itself with rock music.

Construction of rock songs can be approached from a myriad different angles, but there are certain traits that will always bring this style to life. Making use of these strategies in writing your song will help you develop AWESOME ABILITY in this style.

Here are some of the IMPORTANT things that you have to CONSIDER in order to write a powerful Rock song!

MINOR TONALITY: Most Rock songs from the seventies until the present generation make use of Minor tonality, unlike the ones in the early 50s and 60s, which more often employed Major chords. The key quality will apply to both the Vocals and Chords alike.

ROCK POWER CHORDS: These are built from the Root, 5th and Octave of any scale tone. The sweeter-sounding thirds don“(TM)t play a role in Power Chords. Neither do any 7, 9, 11, or 13 upper extensions. The absence of those tones give the chords a strong and stark sound, and one can’t discern whether they are supposed to imply major or minor chords without first looking into the chord and scale relationships.

RIFFS: They are most often found in verses. These are characterized by low melodies with a rhythmic feel (once in a while they are done on higher strings)

Short Title: Belted Out, and sometimes Repeated for Every Line of the Chorus. This is that in In-Your-Face Rock Chorus

STRAIGHT EIGHTH GROOVE: Most often, it is unnecessary for shuffle, swing, hip-hop, or funky sixteenth-note rhythms to be used in a powerful Rock Tune. Employ straight eighths when singing and playing, and lock into that solid rock groove.

Guitar Solo: Playing Minor Pentatonic, Blues, or Minor Scales, with Distortion of course. This is more of an arranging component than a songwriting one, but identifiable guitar sections are often the STRONGEST PART of a song in this style. How far would Ozzy Osbourne“(TM)s songs have gone if it wasn’t“(TM)t for his list of legendary rock guitarists, such as Randy Rhoads, constructing solos, interludes, and instrumental hooks as if they were masterful compositions in themselves?

So there you have it. The SIX KEYS TO MAKE YOUR SONGS ROCK!!!

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