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The Strong Dependence Of Military Contractors For Supplies

Military logistics is a specialized subject by itself for upon the efficiency of military logistics and contractors depend the efficiency of military. Military depends upon contractors for all of its requirement be it food, medicines, clothing, equipment or even transportation. The contractors ensure that the supplies are affected continually and as per requirement.

US Military’s rule book for the military suppliers and contractors governs the behavior and the performance. The adherence to the rules is expected to be one hundred percent compliant and no discount thereof will be allowed as deviation.

The military has laid down detailed specification for each product and service that is required to be supplied to the military. The supplies have to be compliant as per the detailed specification. This covers all types of supplies. Besides the rules also cover the aspect of the conduct and the procedures to be followed by the contractors as well as the suppliers including their employees and associates while in service of the military.

Military food supplies happens to be one of the biggest chunks of requirements of the military at all times. Military does not grow its own food and hence all supplies have to come from suppliers from outside which are then cooked and served by the contractors.

The Romans seemed to have found it a logistics night mare to manage supplies to the various roman army legions that were spread far and wide across the country. It was an Herculean task indeed to plan and manage supplies continuously as the army moved to different camp sites. The farmers seemed to have been engaged in supplying directly to the army canteens. They are also said to have paid taxes in the form of food supplies which were warehoused and used for the army ration.

Today over decades of experience military supplies have developed and been stabilized with several dedicated catering companies and food processing plants having been setup to provide quality dining and canteen services to the military.

The other prominent spend on the part of military buy list happens to be the hiring of IT support services including both software as well as hardware support services. This area is very crucial for the efficiency of military operations and hence termed operational critical. The military employs large number of people through service providers to maintain and run its IT operations that are operational and non sensitive.

The military has several internal guild lines and levels of activity which it can outsource to an outside vendor. Further there are other normal maintenance works that can be given to the contractor engaged to provide services to military in its premises. Most of the IT administration and maintenance jobs are managed by such dedicated service providers. The sensitive projects that are highly confidential and mission critical are handled differently and handled by in house military IT personnel.

Besides logistics, this writer also regularly pens articles on military contract jobs and military jobs for civilians.

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