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The Seven Stupidest Computer Virus Myths

PC Viruses are a huge problem for Windows users. Every year there are millions and millions of PCs that are damaged and sometimes destroyed because of virus issues. One of the reasons for that is mainly because present day PC viruses are different in virtually every way compared to what they were like a few years ago. It is crucial to consider how to get rid of viruses now than in the conventional terms, but the majority of computer users aren’t aware of these differences. This translates into various beliefs which computer users begin to have. These are several beliefs widely held concerning computer viruses, and all happen to be myths.

1) Viruses are the reason for every issue with my PC – Although this is true to some extent, as viruses commonly create a lot of the problems to a computer, but not all. There could be other issues that are causing your computer to not perform perfectly.

2) My computer has got an anti-virus software installed, therefore it is totally protected – This is a totally incorrect approach, to trust every anti-virus program installed, especially when you want to know how to get rid of viruses completely. Today’s viruses and worms are designed with characteristics that allow them to trick the very best anti-virus softwares. To help match these tricky viruses, it is crucial that you have the most effective anti-virus software and make sure to update it on a regular basis.

3) I am going to find out when viruses attack my computer – This was possible before but these days the virus‘ makers know the tricks of concealing their viruses from the recognition of anti-viruses. In order to stay on the same page as these sneaky people, you should purchase the best anti-virus software and update it regularly.

4) Viruses are not able to physically hurt my PC – This is one of the more common things users are not aware of. Presently viruses can in fact hurt your machine physically, and as a matter of fact some are exclusively intended to wreck hardware. Much of the time what is messed up is the hard drive. Although it’s simpler to ruin software, it is important to protect your PC from these problems so your hardware will stay intact.

5) Only .exe files might be hazardous to my computer – This is definitely not common sense! At this time there are more than forty file types, or extensions, that could contain or spread a virus; some of the most commonly seen today are .doc, .eml, .pif, .exe, .reg, .jpg, .xls, .vbs, and .zip.

6) I should download more than one anti-virus to be completely protected – So long as you have installed one of the top brands of anti-virus programs, you do not need any more. Ensure you update the anti-virus often though.

7) I have to install the suggested anti-virus if a warning pops up – Should you ever see a pop up on the net that informs you that you have a virus problem, don’t install that program. Lots of of these hijack your PC. Unless you know for a fact that the virus pop up is from your anti-virus program, don’t listen to the pop-up.

It is time for you to understand that the facts are different from the myths. If people continue to adhere to these myths, then they will never understand how to get rid of viruses!

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