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The Reception Of Harry Potter 7

The famous offerings of author J. K. Rowling got a lot of attention. They got even more attention when they started being turned into movies, and critics, fans, and other viewers are all eager to share their opinion on the quality of the series‘ latest offerings. Harry Potter 7, The Deathly Hallows Part One, became available to a US audience in November 2010, and received mostly good reviews.

Given that previous Potter movies have ranged from the relatively light-hearted adventures of an eleven year old Harry to the recent dark and disturbing Half-Blood Prince, The Deathly Hallows had a choice to continue in the dark and devastating vein of the wizarding world’s war, or to return to lighter days. In keeping with the books, it chose to stick with a dark tone as it tells the compelling story of the days leading up to the final battles of the war in author J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

Given that the series is seven films in, the fact that it is difficult or impossible to comprehend without knowing the previous storyline is a given. But there would hardly be time to put an extensive recap in any of the films, and still fill in all the necessary plot points. As well as being practical, the fact that each film builds on the previous ones is true to the books, too.

Critics responded mostly positively to the acting by the three main leads and many auxiliary characters. Given the youth of the actors involved, the stirring performance was all the more extraordinary, if not unexpected. The previous six films had already assured most viewers that there was no lack of talent among the young Potter cast.

The main complaints among critics and viewers alike have to do with the fact that this is part one of a two part movie. The storyline is unfinished, and this first film contains a lot of set-up. While it is mostly true to the book and necessary for the plot twists of the second part, for some people, it seems to have felt stagnant at times.

In this latest part of the series, the wizarding world is consumed by war and more and more of the main characters‘ comfortable existence is falling apart. The angst factor is off the meter, and spending time anguishing over their situation takes up a fair amount of the movie. Despite being important parts of the mood and storyline, some critics and viewers felt that these scenes were overdone and overlong.

This is undoubtedly a bit slower than the previous movies, at least since the earliest ones. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The pacing is quicker at the beginning and end, and slows somewhat in the middle to a more thoughtful speed. Given that large amounts of information about the history and potential outcome of the war are included in these slower sequences, they are essential to the storyline as well as the atmosphere.

As with any wildly popular series, there are some detractors. Mostly, however, Harry Potter 7 was considered a masterful success by the fans of the books and previous movies. Those who did not enjoy it usually did not enjoy the rest of the series, either.

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