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The Newbies Guide To Computer Animation

If you are new in the industry of 3D animation, which is a booming industry thanks to the advancements in the cyber technology and electronic media domains what you need to know as a beginner in the 3D animation industry is that 3D animations are largely based on 2D principles. Much of the 2D animations have been developed into 3D and today the cartoons and various graphic industries are thriving thanks to the ground-breaking design and animation technologies taken from the 2D epoch.

The computer generation has almost innumerable facets where you will meet 3D animations. Any image that you will see on your computer that has been made to move or to produce some visual effects has been animated. Largely, animation techniques are based on creating a simulation or an illusion of movement which will be well coordinated and well tailored system to achieve particular effect.

You will also note that the 3D technology and concepts have also been applied extensively in movies and various visual media interfaces. These image illusions and movements and simulations are basically dependent on the skill of making one image move and get quickly replaced by another. The trick in here is that the images are almost identical but not 100 percent similar.

Now using a computer to produce animation effects is a simple and easy way of producing by a machine what can be done by hand. The computer is better suited to handle all the dynamics of the animations production process the computer makes the job a whole lot easier and effective. The computer also does a great job in rendering out the finished product. In the basic principle the computer will duplicate the stop motion effects and techniques of the 3D as well as framing by 2D. While using he computer for animations is basically similar (in principle) to making animations by hand, the shapes are created and visible on the computer monitor. What happens first before the rendering is the modeling. What you need to know about rendering is that the rendering in the twined frame has to be done as required.

It is clear that with 3D animation a great part of the job is done on the computer. The computer will of course have to get instructions on how to do the work from the designer and this is your job as an animator. This job then requires you to have a thorough knowledge of the job and be able to get around the dynamics of the whole animation process up to the point where the finished product is exactly what you want to create.

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