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The Brilliant Movie American Beauty Reviewed

One of the best films in the last twenty years was American Beauty. This emotionally charged drama won 5 Oscars in 2000. The big star Kevin Spacey also won an Oscar for his starring role.

This is a film about people struggling with life. It keys on the lives of a family with only a mother father and daughter. We watch these three people struggle with their lives, and with each other.

Kevin Spacey plays the father Lester, and he is going through a mid-life crisis. He hates his job, his family hates him, and he is simply bored with life. His wife Carolyn is always criticizing him, and his teenage daughter Jane is rebelling against her parents. She is disgusted by how they behave.

Carolyn, who is quite the bitch, is straying from the marriage and is dissatisfied with Lester in every way. She has her own career in real estate and is a very materialistic and career driven woman. She is having an affair with a successful and married real estate man who promises to help her with her career.

Jane is the rebellious teenager who is searching for her own identity. Her best friend is one of the high school beauties who is really a phony. Her beauty intimidates Jane, who feels like no one will ever love her.

Lester finally cracks and quits his job. He makes a good severance deal for himself and to keep busy takes a job at the local fast food establishment. He starts smoking pot and getting back into physical shape. He has a thing for Jane’s friend Angela, but at the moment of truth decides not to pursue her.

Jane meets Ricky, the new kid in the neighborhood, and they become close. He is weird and also has a dysfunctional family. This seems to bond the two of them together.

This sets the stage for a powerful ending, which I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen the film. This is a brilliant film and Kevin Spacey is at his ultimate best. American Beauty is a must see movie.

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