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The Many Ways That CIOs Can Show Business Value

It can be difficult to keep a job as a CIO, since the demand to constantly show business value will pressure even the most level-headed IT professionals. The main difference between a CIO that loses his job, and a great CIO who is always in demand can be narrowed down to their ability to show business value.

For a CIO that is intent on keeping their job, establishing a link between a company’s profits, and the efforts of the CIO to update the company’s IT is vital. Smart CIO’s will quickly find a way to accomplish this goal. By showing direct links between great sales and the latest in IT, a CIO will prove to CEO’s that investing in an information technology officer is modern business must.

Getting your CEO’s involved when it comes to showing the value of good IT investments is crucial. Offering CEO’s testimonials from others who have similar services could make a huge difference in how much business value is demonstrated. Talking about ideas on how to incorporate information technology into sales, customer relations, and every other aspect of the business will ensure CEO’s that the CIO can and will add business value to whatever is needed. For this reason, CIO’s who actively participate in meetings will be more able to show their business value.

Of course, there is qualitative evidence, and then there is quantitative evidence. Both are necessary to show the business value of great IT. Performance metrics, or quantified measurements of an employee’s performance, can also aid in adding business value to a CIO. After all, if you had an employee who proved that after establishing a new server, product purchases increased 20%, you’d want to keep that employee. Showing charts that explain the increase of efficiency that a department would experience after a good revamping done by a CIO also will create business value. A good example of this is, „Our computers are now running 15% faster after we upgraded to the latest version of Oracle.“

Smart CIO’s will also illustrate their business value by putting together annual or monthly reports which say in detail the results of the latest IT investments. Explaining why every update was done, what processes were redone, and the overall effect of these changes can make the difference between a company that keeps a CIO and a company that fires the CIO. Few people will realize how much effort keeping a good IT system takes to keep, and showing the business value of keeping a CIO on staff will be a cinch once they see the full effects of all these small changes in a cumulative way.

CIO’s that are in high-demand will also establish formal ways to quantify progress on their IT projects. A good way to add to this methodology is to compare your company’s IT abilities to the work of other CIO’s in similar companies. Explaining what you can do to gain a new competitive edge is one of the most important ways a CIO can demonstrate business value to a CEO. Besides, CEO’s are always interested in learning how to get an edge in the business, and if a CIO has a way on how to be better than the next, CEO’s will listen.

The CIO who will go above and beyond his job title, and his area of expertise, in order to contribute to the success of the company will always be hired. Excellent CIO’s are the ones who volunteer to help in IT newsletters, fixing printers, and even programming new apps will be in high demand in any field. As long as CIO’s show their ability to help in all walks of life, they will always be a much-needed employee, no matter how bad the economy gets.

C & G Techs is an Orange County, CA based I.T. Services company. We have experience in multiple industries, with deep vertical knowledge of Resource Management and Medical Devices. We can be reached at (949) 681-8167.

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