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The „King of the World“ Leonardo DiCaprio

Successful actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has been in a number of different commercials, television shows, and movies that have brought him the success that he is enjoying today. His career started very early and it has been a long one that has brought him financial and personal success that has allowed him to be an essential part of the environmental movement. Leonardo DiCaprio is probably best known as the actor in Titanic, but he has starred in several movies since then that have been even more critically successful with numerous award nominations. Where did DiCaprio begin his career?

Starting Off Iremelin and George DiCaprio brought Leonardo into the world on November 11, 1974. Although they divorced when Leo was just a year old, he was encouraged in his acting pursuits from a very young age. He and his dad lived in Los Angeles for most of his formative years and before he was in elementary school, he made his first foray into film and television’s world.

From Commercials to Television Commercials and educational programs were the first roles that DiCaprio had. He was included in the children’s television series, Romper Room, until he was booted off of the show due to being disruptive. His next role was in the short lived television version of Parenthood in 1990 and he was featured in smaller roles on both Lassie and Roseanne. His career was most boosted by his role as Luke Brower on the ABC sitcom, Growing Pains.

Movies and Leonardo In 1992, DiCaprio was cast in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? with Johnny Depp. He earned award nominations for this role, but it was just the beginning of the success that he was going to enjoy. Other movies that he was in during the 1990’s include The Quick and the Dead, Total Eclipse, and Romeo + Juliet. His roles were very diverse, from being a homosexual to a love interest to a brother, DiCaprio has shown a very big range of ability that has kept him in great demand for years. In 1997, he received the role that boosted his career the most-that of Jack in the movie, Titanic 1997.

Moving on from Titanic DiCaprio enjoyed the success that he found due to Titanic, but he is much more proud of other roles that he has had since then, including The Man in the Iron Mask, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, and The Aviator. The latter movie gave him even more critically acclaimed success, including the Golden Globe for Best Actor. He was nominated for dozens of different awards due to this movie and has seen more nominations and success from movies after it. People continue to line up for his movies and the latest offerings have been very popular, such as Inception, J.Edgar, and his upcoming The Great Gatsby.

Leonardo’s Personal Life Leonardo has had several long-term relationships, but has not been married as of yet. He is very dedicated to environmental causes and animal right causes of all different types. In fact, he has been recognized by several different groups for his environmental and animal cause work. This seems to be something that he is really passionate about. His is much more than an actor, he is an environmentalist who has a big interest in keeping the world environmentally safe.

The environment and film are two of DiCaprio’s main interests and his is very committed to both in many different ways. Leonardo has come from doing just television commercials to producing and starring in multi-million dollar movies. His career is one that has been steadily growing and it will be fun to continue to watch his career continue to grow and mature. Keep an eye out for what Leonardo continues to offer to the world at large and to movie watchers just like you.

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