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The Best Paul Rudd Roles Throughout The Years

These days, there are a handful of actors who seem like they appear in every movie. One of those people is definitely Paul Rudd. This funny and likable actor has been around for at least 15 years, but it was only recently that his popularity exploded to new heights. Ask any 20 something year old girl who their favorite funny actors are you are likely to hear Paul Rudd as one of their answer.

Let’s take a look at his greatest films from his career.

One movie that I absolutely loved was Knocked Up. Seriously, any time this movie is on television, I have to watch it. It is both funny and heartfelt, and while I don’t really care for Katherine Heigl, everyone else in this film is great.

Clueless definitely makes the list as well. Guys and girls alike who grew up in the 90s can appreciate the brilliant satire that this movie is. If you are looking for a nostalgic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, look no further.

Another great movie that Paul Rudd appears in is Wet Hot American Summer. This movie is somewhat of a cult classic; anyone you know who has seen this movie probably loves or hates it. It’s a very specific type of humor.

While he was not the main star, one movie that featured Paul Rudd that I absolutely loved was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This film stars Jason Segal, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Russell Brand, and also has great roles from Rudd and Jonah Hill, amongst others. This is easily one of my favorite comedies of the past few years.

Anchorman is another film that certainly makes my list. This one might be my favorite Paul Rudd movie of any. Even more than five years after its release, you still hear people quote the iconic Will Ferrell character all the time.

Hopefully there are one or more comedies on this list that you have not yet seen. For a good laugh, I recommend them all!

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