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The Best Music Festivals in The Uk

The annual calender of music festivals is perhaps one of the highlights of the British Summer. Every year there are a large number of music festivals that take place, each one catering for different tastes in music. Most of these events attract some of the top acts and musicians from all over the world, and also feature a wide mix of activities for family and friends. We’ve selected some of the best events on UK shores and discussed why you should consider going to one.


In this article, you’ll read about songs about summer. This is obviously a very light-hearted article subject, and will thus be quite informal and subjective. The first song out, which, if I had not had a brain-breakdown at the time – meaning I couldn’t think of any song – would have been „summer of sixty nine“, by Bryan Adams. I bet there are extremely couple of intros, in the world, which are so easily recognized. You know, that guitar coming in. Of course, also the chorus – and, I would say, even extra so – is well recognized. It’s a fantastic song. That song is really old – being at least fifteen years old – so maybe we really should freshing this up, a little. Why not do it with the brilliant song of last summer – attractive girls by BoB. This can be a really happy song, meaning it’s inevitably wonderful for summer (as summer, at least a great summer, is genuinely a time of happiness and joy and just good times)