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These are a enormously busy days. So many work and so little time, isn’t it?

Dexter Season 5, Episode 2: „Hello Bandit“ Recap (Part 2)

There’s a bit of relationship material in this episode. First there’s the legitimate question of what exactly is going on with Debra and Quinn following their frenzied bit of sexual fun last episode.

Dexter Season 5, Episode 2: „Hello Bandit“ Recap (Part 1)

Dexter is still reeling from the death of Rita at the end of the last season. He was so shaken that he nearly left everything behind to flee the country at the end of the last episode. However he did return, re-dedicated to doing what is best for what is left of his family.

Top Scary Films Of All Times

Have an affinity for horror movies? If yes, then you can enjoy the fear with loads of horror movies. However, in case you truly wish to get scared and have Goosebumps, then here are a handful of of the top horror movies of all times.

Dexter Season 5, Episode 1: „My Bad“ Recap (Part 2)

Dexter clearly feels some level of guilt at what has happened, knowing that it is his fault for not killing Arthur sooner. However it does not present in the normal way that grief would in most people, leaving him rather adrift. Even the visions of his adopted father and mentor Harry, which normally serve as the closest thing he has to a conscience, seem to have abandoned him. Flashbacks to Dexter’s very first date with Rita also show the depth of Dexter’s guilt as he remembers the lies he told her right from the very beginning.

Dexter Season 5 Exclusive Killer Spoiler!

Still haunted by the sight of Rita’s lifeless, bloody corpse floating in her and Dexter’s bathtub? Then this next story is going to dredge up a lot of bad memories for you. Prior to last night’s PaleyFest ’10 event honoring Dexter, exec producer Sara Colleton took a few minutes to answer all of my burning questions about the Showtime drama’s highly-anticipated fifth season (slated to premiere in September). Needless to say, Rita’s horrifying murder will have enormous implications for America’s most beloved serial killer. Beware, major spoilers…

True Blood Season 3 – The Minisode

Minisode of two is not much to highlight. Jessica, who is wild and despairing, he still has a good heart and refuses to attack the man who was uncomfortable with his insults. Yes, the next that is, as he likes, pus is seen with intent to sink their fangs. Jessica’s character quite like me, and I hope they operated much more in the third season.