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The Best Music Festivals in The Uk

The annual calender of music festivals is perhaps one of the highlights of the British Summer. Every year there are a large number of music festivals that take place, each one catering for different tastes in music. Most of these events attract some of the top acts and musicians from all over the world, and also feature a wide mix of activities for family and friends. We’ve selected some of the best events on UK shores and discussed why you should consider going to one.

English-language films set in Turkey

Turkey, the Eurasian country, has been the setting for many pivotal films over the years. Not only is there is a thriving film industry within the country, which often tells tales set within its borders; the country, it seems, and especially the historically and culturally important city of Istanbul, has captured the imagination of filmmakers the world over. As such there are many internationally renowned, as well as relatively unknown films that take this beautiful country as their setting, and this is a look at a few of those.

Looking For Work On A Cruise Ship?

Today, a lot of families still choose to spend their vacation on a cruise ship and get to travel around to different places where only a few people are able to travel or see. Some of these locations have not been frequented by people that it remains untouched and magnificently beautiful.

Listening To Music, The Best Choice In 2010 and 2011

There’s not a better year than 2010 (and also 2011!) for listening to music! There is a huge boom of music artists and there are so many styles to please anyone’s ears.

Columbia and Magenta – Thoughts on Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

Magenta, Columbia, Riff-Raff and that Sweet T known as Frank-N-Furtuer. What do all these names have in common? Of course, they’re all character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are plenty of other characters but these would be the most popular ones that are always referenced. Because of this they all have ready made Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes for fans. Every year I attend a Rocky showing at a local theater on or around Halloween. Here are my thoughts on the Magenta and Columbia costumes.

Selecting The Right Pirate Costume For Girls And Boys

There has probably never been a costume as popular as a pirate costume. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit but ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise struck gold the popularity of the costume has never declined. Even before that success of the films a pirate outfit, whether it is a boys pirate costume or a girls pirate costume, was always fun to wear and looked great on people of all ages. The best part about it is there is always a perfect costume for everyone.