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Weary Of Data Entry Errors? – Learn About The Overlay Keyboard

Typing manufacturing and quality control information into a computer can be time intensive. Every second used typing at a keyboard is time not performing other work. People can use hours typing shifts, downtime both scheduled and unscheduled, and defects to cite a few.

Location Intelligence Solutions: Innovative Spatial Data for Navigation and the Internet

The use of geographical data is becoming a significant part of our daily lives. The internet has become an important technological mechanism for GIS location-based activities. As a result, the internet has become the preferred means of real-time delivery of geographical information.

About Spatial Data And Standard GIS Formats

Standard GIS Formats are the structures that are utilized for storing data in a GIS file. Spatial data is a predominant type of data that is stored in standard GIS Formats. Spatial Data refers to the location and characteristics or attributes of a geographic feature that is normally stored as topology and specific coordinates. Specific geographic features can then be viewed as illustrative and descriptive information. Spatial Data is available in many forms such as aerial photography, digital maps, paper maps, and digital satellite images. When transferred or stored in a standard GIS format, the data can then be viewed and manipulated according to the user’s particular purpose. There are a number of GIS formats that can be used for mapping spatial data and they include: