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What is The Friends TV Show All About?

Becoming somewhat of a classic show, Friends screened on television from the 22nd of September 1994, through to the 6th of May 2004. When the show was at it’s peak during the ten years it aired on TV, it attracted more than fifty million viewers. By this time ten complete seasons had been edited, and the show had screened two-hundred and thirty-six episodes.

A Bit Of Background On The History Of Comedy

Taking a look back in time at the movies of old we come to notice that a large bulk of them were silent movies. These were mostly in the genre of making people laugh while at the same time letting them know that good always reigns over evil in the end.

Going For Comedy Or Magic Shows For Entertainment

When we have just a few choices in front of us, it’s usually easy to make a decision. However, are you also aware that it often becomes a little problematic when you are faced with list of quantity to choose from? Particularly when there are a couple of your favorites and that is exactly what we encounter in entertainment when we have theatre, radio and television to decide on.

‚Easy A‘ Movie Review

Screen Gems recently came out with a new comedy/action flick titled „Easy A“ into theaters a while back. I finally got around to watching it,and I agree with the top critics‘ positive opinions on this one. It was an excellent film.

‚Unstoppable‘ Movie Delivered Lots Of Intense Action & More

Fox released their new drama,action movie titled „Unstoppable“ into theaters about 2 months ago. I just checked it out,and must say that it was an absolutely great movie.

‚Skyline‘ Movie Delivered Lots Of Intense Action & Thrills

Universal Pictures recently released a new sci-fi/thriller movie „Skyline“ into theaters a couple months ago. I just checked it out. While it was exciting to watch,all the action and „edge of your seat scenes“ lead up to no payoff in the end. It was very odd. It stars: Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson,and Brittany Daniel.

Forthcoming Events in Belfast

If you are making travel plans for Christmas or the new year period or indeed anytime there are numerous Events in Belfast that are a must see. Belfast is a city with excellent transportation including taxis, trains and buses delivering you to its many restaurants, theatres and nightclubs that are sure to entertain you.