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My Favorite iPad Apps

The iPad is the popular new tablet computer from Apple. With so many apps available to entertain, how do you know which are the best? We’ve put together a guide of some of our favorites. NexFlix is a great app for people who like to watch television shows or movies while they’re on the go. As long as you’re in a wireless internet zone, the app allows you to stream content from thousands of TV shows and movies. Plus, if you already have a NetFlix account, the app is free.

Android Applications For Smartphones

Android is one of the smartphone platforms on the market, and there are more than just a few applications out there that are truly outstanding. The best programs on the market are more often than not the most innovate and the simplest at the same time. They’re the types of applications that make you ask, „Why didn’t I think of this myself?“ Listed in this article are a handful of the best apps currently on the market, and some information about what they do.