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Unused Programs – Could They Be To Blame For Your Computer Slowing Down?

Having a slow computer can be really frustrating and inefficient. But exactly why does it get slower in time? There are a lot of theories out there, the biggest one being that it all has to do with your registry. This is why there is such a large amount of people out there that are trying to find the best registry cleaners to make their computer faster. Does a good registry cleaner make your computer faster – yes and no. See the main reason that you computer slows down is because after a while of using it junk starts to build up in many different areas and that is what slows it down. To make your computer faster again all you have to do is to just remove the junk and then it will run quicker again. This is why registry cleaners work and they don’t – all they do is just work on one area of your computer, it completely neglects all of the other areas that need to be worked on.

Where are the areas that junk builds up? There simply are too many to discuss in this article and there also is to many areas that you can tune to make your computer faster so what were going to do is focus on just one area so you have somewhere to start. Start with removing programs that you don’t need anymore. Why? Most people will download a program and then when they realize that they don’t need it anymore they will just leave it on their computer and move on. Why is this bad? First off, that program is taking up space on your hard drive but more importantly it is most likely running in the background of your computer and using up resources that you can be using.

Just to be on the safe side, if you are not sure of what a program is or what it does, don’t remove it – your computer might actually be using it. Only remove a program if you know what it is and what it does. Here is the procedure:

If you are a Windows XP user just start by clicking Start, going to the Control Panel, clicking on the Add/Remove Programs and then waiting a little while for the list to be populated (if you have a lot of programs on your computer it will take a while for all of them to appear). Now, just remove the programs that you know you don’t need by clicking on the program and then selecting „Change/Remove“. After that you just have to go through with the process to remove it.

If you have Windows Vista, start by clicking the Start button, going to Control Panel and make sure that at the top of the window that you have „Classic View“ selected. Now just double click on the Programs and Features button (it may take a few seconds for your programs to come up on the list) and just check off the programs that you don’t need and select Uninstall to remove them. Remember to only remove programs if you what they are and if you know for sure that you and your computer doesn’t need them.

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