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Should You Make the Change To The iPad 2?

There’s no question that nearly all individuals will have seen or heard of the iPad 2 in some way. There is always a lot of ballyhoo when it comes to Apple products. Possibly it’s because of all the fan boys, or is it merely because Apple makes quality products? Coming from someone who is unbiased, I’d say it’s a bit of the two. The iPad 2 was announced and released only recently, and it comes only a year after the first iPad was made available. Thus, if you purchased the initial model, I will now share my opinion on if you should consider changing to the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 is not as big as the first iPad model. It is good to note that the iPad 2 is slimmer, to the tune of a third compared to the first iPad, and that the size of the screen is as it was. At only 600 grams, the iPad 2 is lighter than the original iPad. Light by any measures. If you take in your hands the iPad and the new iPad 2, the alteration in design can be felt. Don’t think a skinnier and less heavy design means the performance is affected, because boy oh boy would you be wrong…

The iPad 2 is a lot faster than the initial iPad. First up, Apple touts that its graphics processor is nine times quicker than the initial iPad. That is a big improvement, if what they state is correct. The reason for this advancement is for demanding games and the camera, which we’ll discuss shortly. An A5 chip implies that Apple likewise now has a processor that is a good deal speedier. The reason it is quick is because the iPad 2 has a dual core A5 processing chip. The speed was something I was alert of when using different functions. I’ve likewise checked out both the original iPad and new iPad side by side and I can surely say you observe things, such as web pages and video, loading much faster.

Now, onto the recent addition of the cameras; not just one, but two cameras are on the iPad 2. These are set at the front and at the back. If you like having the idea of having a camera, then you will like this shift of stance as when the iPad was first released, there were no cameras. One camera shoots 720p HD and the other camera isn’t as great. The iPad 2 has now added FaceTime and Photobooth, providing you the ability to video call and shoot all sorts of photos. The front camera positions you face-to-face when video calling using FaceTime whereas the iPad’s back camera displays your surroundings.

All in all, I would personally urge upgrading from the original iPad to the iPad 2 if you can afford it, however if you’re not interested in slightly faster loading times then don’t bother. The additional features are not that groundbreaking, although you do now have cameras and all in all the enhancements are great.

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