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Set Secure Web Tunnel For Hostgator

Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol that uses encryption for secure network services such as remote login and command execution, and data communication between two computers on a network. Using a secure channel, SSH can connect a server to a client over an insecure network, with each running its own SSH program. Hostgator ssh access is enabled on the primary domain of all hosting accounts.

A shell environment that limits the user to their own top level directory, or an emulation of the root directory, is called a jailed shell. Jailed SSH is offered on all HostGator shared web hosting accounts and requires a connection via port 2222 to the SSH enabled host server, and login details to access a control panel. Jailed shell environments are useful for setting access permissions for all users on the system, such as allowing certain users to execute some commands while restricting others.

Reseller web hosting accounts have jailed SSH enabled for free on primary domains. A client is charged a small one time fee for each additional domain that requires SSH. Each sub-account gets a separate control panel with its own login details. Port 2222 must be set up to establish a secure connection with the SSH enabled host server.

A virtual machine is used in HostGator VPS (virtual private server) hosting. In dedicated server hosting, the client leases an entire server for their own use. Like VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting offers default SSH access to the root directory, giving full permission to the host administrator and allowing them to make any system changes. Connection is via port 22, the username ‚root‘, and a WHM (web host manager) password.

Unix based machines use SSH more than other types of operating systems, though Windows clients can use it, too. Unsecured shell protocols might send critical information in the form of plain text, which is easily intercepted and read by unauthorized users; SSH available on HostGator accounts uses encryption technology so that sensitive data can be sent securely over any unprotected network.

SSH is most commonly used to log into web hosting accounts and execute commands, but it also supports tunneling, which carries protocol information over an incompatible network or a secure path through an untrusted network, port forwarding to redirect packets of data, transferring files securely using SSH file transfer protocol (SFTP) or secure copy (SCP) protocol, and many other uses.

HostGator accounts enabled with SSH authenticate the remote server and the client with public-key cryptography, an algorithm which requires two separate keys, one secret or private, and the other public. Although different, the two keys are linked. SSH can use automatically generated public-private key pairs to encrypt a network connection, which then requires the client to log in using password authentication. Alternatively, a manually generated public-private key pair can authenticate the user without the need for a password.

Cloud-based networks are generally unsuitable environments for the safe transmission of data. SSH offers a secure way of connecting through any unsecured network, and is enabled free on all HostGator accounts or primary domains, including shared, reseller, dedicated server and VPS accounts.

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