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Searching For Nannies For Hire – Information You Need To Know

Selecting nannies is not an easy job. Before you hire, you have got to do your homework to ensure that you are aware of the current salary trends and the relevant slabs as applicable to different skill sets as well as experience to be able to do a good job.

Of course in this article we are presuming that you are hiring nannies directly and not through any nanny service agency, in which case there would be service charges involved to be paid to the agency.

You should on an average expect the nannies salary to work out to be between 350$ to 1000$ per week. This is calculated taking into several factors. First of all you consider the qualification and experience of the nanny and take into consideration the location of work. Then you add the cost of living index that takes into account factors such as cost of food, rent, medical insurance, vehicle insurance and many more expenses incurred. To this you add the other costs like bonus, paid leave, as well as retirement fund cost and other statutory costs.

The major difference in the salary slab comes on account of location of work. In cities where the cost of living is higher as compared to the other areas, you will need to take a higher index to compute the salary structure which means the salaries in cities are much higher costing you anywhere between 18 to 20 USD per hour.

In the non urban areas where the cost of living index is lesser, you will find that the competition is not very steep and you can get a nanny at cost of 9-12 dollars per hour. Of course you will need to pay the overtime of 150 percent of the regular cost as per statutory law if they work over forty hours per week.

You start working out the total cost taking into account the basic minimum slab applicable for a bachelor’s degree from a college which means the nanny would have spent four years at college. For a candidate who has done her Master’s degree, the slab needs to be increased by forty percent and if the nanny comes with a high school background you would need to reduce the basic slab by twenty percent.

Experience too is a critical factor that determines the salary levels of the candidate. Any candidate with up to three years of experience is considered to be a fresher and will command a salary up to 200$ gross per week only. But if a candidate has more than three years of experience and has a documented record of infant care as well as CPR training can command a gross salary of up to a maximum of $1000 per week.

Getting a good professionally qualified nanny will be good for your children as well as good for you for you need not be worried about leaving them at home while you are going out to work.

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