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Reasons Why You Must Buy The Sansa View 8gb MP3 Player

My cute little and adorable kids love cartoons, and, why not admit it, so do I, and I’m no kid. We like spending our evenings in front of the TV, or laptop, and watching some new cartoons. They’re more into „The PowerPuff Girls“, while I’m more into „Dexter’s Laboratory“, so we tend to argue a little, but we eventually come to an agreement.

I used to watch Disney cartoons as a kid, and I have tried to share these classic movies with my girls, but they have always been fonder of Cartoon Network than of Snow White, so they have made me watch TV with them, but I must admit Disney cartoons are still my favorites.

No wonder they complain of getting bored any time we get on holidays and they miss their favorite TV shows. Lately they have asked for some small gadget which could play their cartoons for them when they’re on a trip, or even during breaks, at school. I didn’t agree at first, but they know how to be very convincing, so I finished by looking up for some good mp3 player with video features.

I have come across the sansa view 8gb , which seems just perfect. Any child could easily use it, so I bought two, one for each girl, so that they wouldn’t fight on them. I loaded them up with their favorite cartoons, wrapped them, and made a beautiful surprise to my kids. Their happy dance when they opened the boxes and saw their new players was worth seeing!

They were so excited they took their new players with them everywhere. I also showed them how to load cartoons and music on their new players. Now I’m free to watch my Disney cartoons whenever I want, and I even uploaded some „Tom and Jerry“ for them to watch. They seem to like them so far!

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