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Read Why You Should Consider Becoming A Registered Nurse, The Benefits Can Be Amazing

Why would you want to become a registered nurse? One reason is because RN’s make up the largest segment of health care professionals in the US. In today’s health care industry, its never been a better time to become a registered nurse due to the emphasis on preventative care, an exploding elderly population, and advances in technology. Which all combine to make an environment that is starved of qualified nurses.

Those wishing to enter this demanding but satisfying profession should first take a little time to become familiar with what registered nurses do and also with the steps a person needs to take in order to become a registered nurse.

What does a registered nurse do? To become a registered nurse means a career that will enable a person to have a profound impact on the lives of others. Registered Nurses provide direct care to patients and practice in a wide variety of settings and venues, depending on the nature of their specialization.

Become a registered nurse and you can work in such settings as doctors offices, outpatient clinics, hospital facilities, home health and everything in between. You can also specialize in specific diseases and ailments.

On the other hand, when you become a registered nurse, you can be one of those who specialize in treatment of a particular organ or body system usually find themselves working in hospital critical care units, specialty clinics, or outpatient care facilities. Some RNs work specifically in a particular work setting, for example those who work in operating rooms assisting surgeons. RNs also can choose to work with a well-defined population, such as those who work with children or the elderly.

A specialized subset of Registered Nurses, known as Nurse Practitioners (NPs), have an advanced level of nursing education after they become a registered nurse and provide a broad range of more advanced health care services.

This could include ordering tests, x-rays, physical exams, and diagnosing illness in order to prescribe a course of care for the patient.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of registered nurses was as of 2008 almost $63,000. This is across all specialties. 60% of all nurses work in a hospital setting and earn slightly more than say a nurse who works in a doctors office.

But as most of these nurses would work in areas such as school nursing they have other benefits such as Monday through Friday work hours and off on holidays and weekends. So look into become a registered nurse to enjoy these benefits for yourself!

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