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Professional Audio – Playing The Way You Want

Maybe you’re starting a band or you’re a solo musician who’s looking for sound equipment. If this is the case, there’s a number of things you can get that will amplify your voice and instruments over a medium or large audience. This will allow you to get „gigs“ and play around, locally, or how ever far away you want.

PA speakers are one of the first things you can start inquiring about. There’s floor models that lay horizontally or you can have speakers that are mounted on speaker stands and place them on the left and right side of your set-up and/or stage. You can also have a combination of both and go as elaborate as you’d like.

PA speakers are going to need to be fed some power. A pro amplifier comes into play for this job. If each speaker is receiving 100 watts, you should be okay for home use. If you want to play out, 200 watts or more would be ideal. Even if the audience is smaller than you thought, you can simply turn the volume down. But, if it’s large, you know that you’ll reach all of them.

A PA mixer is great to connect your microphones to. They’ll also have a few or more channels that will send a certain amount of watts to each speaker. Also, each channel can have it’s own equalizer settings. Most likely having more than one XLR input, more than one microphone can be connected to this unit.

Make sure to get some microphones. The type of mics you should be looking for are dynamic microphones. These are prefect for stage use. They’re built to be durable and will also work under different weather conditions. They will stand up against moisture, if in fact you are playing outside.

For any electric guitarist, you’re going to need a guitar amplifier. Without one, no one will hear what you’re playing. With the singers voice being projected over the loudspeakers, you’ll definitely need your own amplifier. You can get one with 10-50 watts or several hundred.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a PA set up. You can easily spend well under a thousand and include everything that has been talked about above. The more components you have, the more expensive it will be.

Before you buy anything from a retail center locally, it’s a good idea to check for cheap pro audio speakers that will ship to you from an online wholesaler. Internet prices on cheap pro audio equipment usually tends to be a lot less.

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