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Pirated Movies Can Be A Mess

We live in a world of on-demand satisfaction. To an extent, whatever you want, you can get and with home theaters becoming a social staple for families, the ability to download a movie that you want at the moment you want to see it is seductive.

Whether it is done illegally through file-sharing software or legally, as with downloading a book into your Kindle, there’s an increasing market for downloading the movies you want straight into your hard drive. Many people are still skeptical, worried that any movies they watch will be bootleg copies, or somehow their computers will be at risk from the act of downloading.

This way of thinking, in the beginning, was true. Almost all online movies that were bootleg copies usually recorded by camcorder of the movie screens, much like what is sold on street corners. If you watch these films you’re committed infringement on copyright.

The danger of copyright infringement is that if the government wanted to crack down on a website, most likely, you IP address which is recorded at every visit will be offered up along with all of the other addresses as a way for the site’s owner to not be prosecuted as harshly.

This doesn’t happen, but it could, and it has happened with many music buffs who have shared filed illegally having to pay expensive fines in lieu of prosecution. Who’s to say that movies aren’t the next group that will feel this sort of crackdown?

Using the internet to download anything is potentially full of risks, especially with websites advertising free-to-you movie downloads. The reason that a site wouldn’t charge you anything for a particular service is that they want to actually take something from you; in this case it’s the insertion of adware and spyware into your computer.

Adware is more annoying than anything else and fills your computer with pop-up advertisements on the thought that you will eventually click on and purchase something that you’ve seen. This can slow down the performance of computer tremendously. Spyware has a more nefarious purpose and does exactly what is implied, it spies on you through the computer. It can register the keys that you type in when accessing something like your bank account. To say that your identity can be stolen is not an intellectual leap.

Trafficking on sites that charge you a fee for being able to download movies is the better and safer bet. Like Napster, the music file sharing site, a flat fee of $35 will usually get you unlimited downloads. These pay-for sites are also usually equipped with free virus protection that will keep you safe from malicious software.

In the end, you can get what you want when you want it in regards to movie downloads. Just steer clear of sites that seem to promise way too much without having anything concrete to back it up. The internet is full of scammers and legitimate businesses and it only takes a small amount of homework on your part to do it right.

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