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perceiving a career in acting

As enticing as modeling or acting can be, many aspiring talents fall victim to scams perpetrated by unscrupulous agencies. The trick for the person trying to break in is to look for clues to honesty or dishonesty on the part of the agency. You’ll want to protect yourself and find an agency that has your interests at heart.

Two words: „fully licensed.“ That’s a good sign the agency is on the level. Also if it’s been around for a decade or two, you can start to breathe a little easier. Now you should take a peek at the client list — see any names you know? Recognizable names mean somebody big trusts the agency, so maybe you can too. You’ll really get a good idea of what working with an agency is like when you get your model composites made — these are what the agency uses to find you work. It’ll cost you money, but it’s a necessary investment.

As far as acting goes, owner and staff background is quite extensive. One studied for four years at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and later worked as an agent for 4B Talent in NYC and later as head booking agent for the commercial print and fashion divisions of Foster Fell Model & Talent Agency. They has also appeared in many films, TV commercials and theatrical productions.

Another manager’s career began in the 1970’s in the fashion industry where they worked with department stores, public relations firms, talent and advertising agencies in the development of catalogues, brochures, editorials, print work, as well as magazine, television and newspaper ads. Later, figuring they’d use their talents within the talent agency and modeling fields. You may fear that yours is not the right face for modeling — that you’re not exotic enough.

Over the years, these agents have been able to match up the best talented people with the correct movies, print/runway work, music videos, promotion, and television commercials and series. Deciding to unite their various entertainment industry talents was the best decision of their lives. Avenue is a commission-based agency with no registration fee. So if you’d like to have the opportunity to work with them, all you need to do is fill out their registration form and see if you’re a good match. However, make sure you know that they expect you to have a positive mental attitude, a willingness to work long hours on casting calls without complaint and the ability to work flexible hours.

For a a study of promoting yourself in modeling check out Ave Models scam circumvention tips. Read all about Ave Models scam avoidance tips and suggestions for acting and modeling.

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