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Online Shopping Spree

eBay and Amazon are my favorites. I don’t earn so much, so I always pay attention to what I buy, before spending my money. For that, eBay and Amazon are the best: eBay offers such a large variety of items, you wouldn’t believe, and Amazon has the best prices. Anytime I want to buy something, my first stop is on eBay to see their special offers.

This time, I want an mp3 player. I have studied the market, and I’ve chosen the model I want, but there’s only one problem. It’s a little expensive, and I can’t afford to spend that much money on it. I think you already know this is where eBay and Amazon come in. A quick check and I find my desired mp3 player.

I’m talking about the iriver e100 mp3 player. It has everything I want, including a radio tuner and card slot. My local store sells the player as well, but I can’t even compare their prices. If my mum knew how much I spend on electronics instead of food, she’d go crazy and make me move back home. Good thing she doesn’t know.

My girlfriend would agree with my mother, I think, so I don’t tell her about everything I buy either. She wouldn’t make me move back home, but she would find some way to make me sorry. She’s really happy because I told her she can use it too, so she already knows about this one, but she doesn’t know about my Xbox, or my new pair of headphones. Why would she?

I just noticed a brand new Xbox controller. I wonder if she’d object if I buy that as well. It might be a good opportunity to tell her I have an Xbox too. I hope she doesn’t throw it out the window, like she did with my Playstation 2.

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