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Naming A Trademark

A name trademark can be made for a slogan, name of a company or its products. The main role of the name trademark is that it represents a perfect identity to the company and its products. It is also called as trade name. The important feature of the trade name is that it should be distinct. The trade name will not be registered if it is alike or if sounds the same as the other mark.

The name that is to be trademarked should first undergo a trademark search which can be done through the Intellectual Property Official website and the search can be made. To begin with the search it is necessary to first make the registration process. The registration can either me made on-line or can be made directly in the trademark office. The fees for the search for a single class will be Rs 400/-. After the payment, the client or the trademark attorney will receive a user name and a password through which a detailed search can be made. The search can be made only for fifteen minutes after which the process will be automatically logged off. The search will provide the user the complete details of the trade name.

Once the search is over, the user can make sure that he/she can register the name. This can be done by filing form 1 and form 2 (for convention country) with a prescribed fee of Rs 2,500/- (Two Thousand Five Hundred Only). The registration form should be made in triplet and the representation should be made five in number. The registration should contain details such as the name, address, nationality, state and country of the proprietor of the trade name. Incomplete will not be considered by the officials.

The trademark has to go through the process such as issued for examination, opposition or grant. This can be viewed by visiting the above mentioned website, where the status of the trademark can be viewed by entering the application number of the trademark that was registered. The status of the trademark application shall be sent through letter by the patent office.

„R“ has been registered by the proprietor. TM is a symbol to denote the mark is a trademark and use of this symbol does not denote that the trademark has been registered as registered marks.

The name trademark registration can be made by the trademark attorney who will follow out the procedure to register a trademark, notification of opposition if any, to prepare trademark responses and other necessary legal information related to trademark or service mark.

The trademark that is registered can make the business of the proprietor as a secured one. The can be people who can rely upon the products whose name is a registered trademark. Even if there are other confusing marks with that of your name, the registration of trademark will make it a point to keep your product away form any infringement cases and thus prevent any loss to your company and to your business.

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