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Music In Fitness Programs

You certainly know by now that music may aid your floor routine, by making it less dull and more graceful, inspiring you to improvise. Further, floor music in gymnastics competitions is an absolute must these days. How would the choreography of floor exercises manage without music, quite vital for coordinating movements and alternating differently paced ones? Besides, music may emphasize the specific skills of a gymnast, their personal style and originality.

The fact that vocals are not allowed is insignificant, given that there is such a wide range of music styles gymnasts can choose among, from the most recent dance music, successful in smart clubs, to whatever kind of classical music. No doubt, a Johann Strauss’s waltz would not be the right background for a sports gymnastics floor exercise, being too repetitive and foreseeable, but exactly because of these characteristics it would be perfect for an artistic gymnastics exercise. At the same time, whereas classical music would be a perfect fit for a particularly graceful gymnast, one performing in an energetic and vibrant style would be helped rather by a faster paced music, with strong beats. This means that the speed and style of movements should be the ones determining the choice of music.

So, first of all, music is so to speak inherent to the performance as such, given that today the accent in gymnastics competitions is no longer on technique but on the performance as a whole. Moreover, its aid for the gymnasts comes in different guises, as a self-confidence boost or as a mood elevator, both quite important, especially in competitions, where they are under a lot of pressure from all quarters.

Music is also helpful for the public, by covering adjacent unpleasant noises and bringing variety and further interest to an exercise, by making simple dance steps look more dynamic and intriguing, and complicated and dangerous jumps look easy and smooth. Further, some folk music from the gymnast’s country would make the exercise look more exotic and novel.

In conclusion, music is helpful for gymnastics, first, for the exercise and performance as a whole, being as it were the binder of the choreography. Then, it may aid psychologically the gymnast, improving their mood and self-confidence. And, last but not least, it keeps the viewer’s interest fresh and focused. That is why, if you plan to aid your sister, by performing some trance music tracks (useful, given their clear melody repetitions and dynamic buildups and breakdowns) when she practices, you should definitely visit Sounds Great Music, for some incredible effects pedals, such as flangers, phasers or delay and reverb effects.

With the aid of some stunning effects pedals from Sounds Great Music you can better the quality of the music you play.

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