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Mountain Movie, If Appreciate Won’t Add up

They’re hired to take care of sheep in the mountains of Wyoming, they will spend the summer together in high altitude, they will live and work alongside during all those days. As they arrive to their destination, „del Mar“ , feeling well informed, releases a few words from his mouth and starts talking a little more and showing some signals of sympathy to his buddy. He’s a difficult young man having a family history with resemblance of a nightmare in one of these Dickens stories. Nobody suspects anything „out of normal“ is going on in the story. Days appear to be passing without any great novelty.

But something new happens, something from the regular tasks of these business days and nights at Mountain. Something has arisen between your two men, it is just like a storm originating from nowhere which has entered their lives which will mark them forever. It appears to be only a passionate episode of the lonely at the start, a dream that none is ever going to know. But reality dictates different things, what just happened, continues happening once and again, they are attached forever with a force which makes or bends the desire of anyone; something we might call, love.

The summer time is over and both men must return to their worlds away from the mountain, for their previous lives, but inside them inside a secret place they are fully aware those lives exist forget about. They’ve been confronted by their most inner reality also it won’t disappear. They’ll marry wives and strive to pursue a „normal“ life simply to realize they are as being a set of fakes. They don’t belong to that traditional society, they belong only to one another since those day in the mountains. They finally decide and meet again outside „del Mar’s“ home, an undesirable second floor apartment. He hasn’t had much luck in everyday life since childhood and it appears to accentuate everyday, now even his wife knows about his preferences. We’re inclined to conclude his only luck and fortune in life is what he feels for Jack, his „fishing buddy“.

Things go wrong at „del Mar’s“ home, marriage brakes and that he is left alone fighting for a lifetime in a society that would stone him to death if they only knew. But you will find bright moments too, and people happen at where he regularly meets Jack who travels from far away Texas to satisfy the only love he’s known.

By the end of the story there have been conflicts arising between the partners; an excessive amount of distance and just a scarce proximity can not improve any relation. They’ve just were built with a bad encounter in their paradise, they part away using the promise of meeting again and connect so what can be fixed when suddenly the storyline takes us to some scene where „del Mar“ receives the notice of Jack’s death in a cold post card with letters that say „deceased“. Everything indicates he’s been murdered, he was caught by those who won’t let the „others“ happen. And today Ennis del Mar continues to be left apart from society, together with his love eternally longing for Jack along with a daughter that will get married soon and who doesn’t know his dad is a loner for a reason; and love won’t count.

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