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Mastering Phone Interview Queries

Do you have a couple of telephone interviews scheduled soon? If so, you should know that gearing up for a telephone interview is not the same as preparing for an in-person interview. In the next minutes, we’re going to talk about tips to answer common phone interview questions and maximize your odds of getting the job.

Some think the interview is a blind date from hell, but what if it’s a phone interview? That has to be the worst blind date from hell of all time but not if you get yourself ready for it. First step is to check the company’s history. Make them aware that you know whom they are. Check their past performances and their future ones. Read the company’s website.

Let’s speak about your behavior. First, much of your communication is gone, since you’ll only communicate using your voice. Perhaps you didn’t know but verbal communication is only a third of the entire communication scheme between people. The rest of 70% is the way you look, your facial expressions and body language. You’re going to have to exercise on that voice a bit so it sounds clear. Practice some sample phone interview questions with a recorder. Talk slowly and crisp and use the salesperson’s technique of rising, smiling and walking while speaking on the telephone. Your interview operator will hear a full of energy and happy person.

It is essential to be in a quiet room when you answer phone interview questions. Imagine doing it in a busy crossway. That’s not a very smooth way to ace a phone interview. Bring all the papers you need: the company’s info, the opening requirements, your curriculum vitae, the written sample phone interview questions and answers. Your mouth can get dry during the call so bring a glass of water with you. Make a list with common phone interview questions and memorize the answers. Exercise your voice using that laptop microphone you never use. Don’t forget that your main instruments of influence are the questions.

While answering the questions try to focus on emphasizing how your experience fits the job requirements. Your aim is to get face-to-face interview, so don’t try to give too much on the phone but instead try to give them reasons to book a meeting with you, and show them you’re anxious to meet them. In the end, ask them when you could meet them in person. Then, write them an appreciative e-mail for giving you the chance at their opening. This conveys that you’re really concerned in this job.

With this information, now you’re prepared to answer those phone interview questions and get the job you want. An apparent blind date from hell can turn into a boost in your professional life, so practice those common phone interview questions and win that interview.

Find several sample phone interview questions and try to answer them. Next, select the most common phone interview questions and you’re ready for any interview.

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