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Learn Guitar By Learning Your Instrument

To learn guitar involves more than just learning chords and being able to strum along to a tune. That is, if you want to learn properly. To do so, you need to know something about the construction and parts of the guitar itself. This knowledge isn’t just so you can point to some obscure part and say its name, but will help you to take proper care of the instrument. Even more importantly, though, understanding the design of the guitar will also help you learn to play in a way that will protect your hands and wrists from stiffness and even damage.

You can learn to name the guitar parts quickly; body, neck and head, and the frets that cross the neck with the strings running over them, attaching to the tuning pegs in the head.

When holding the guitar, you let the back of it rest against your stomach, with the neck more-or-less parallel to the floor. The thickest string runs along the highest edge of the neck, with the thinnest along the bottom. Your fingers or guitar pick hang just over the sound hole, or the mid-point of the body if the guitar is electric.

You need to be relaxed and hold your guitar in a way that won’t strain your muscles. From the beginning of your acoustic lessons, initiate habits of good posture, sitting up straight with the instrument held lightly against your stomach. Pull the wrist of your fingering hand downward, so you can press even the farthest strings with your fingertips while your thumb lightly touches the neck at a midway point. This will help you learn guitar with your fingers easily able to reach all strings without lying across them and deadening the sound.

Holding your fingering hand the wrong way can also have implications not just for how you learn guitar, but for the physical condition of the guitar itself. Because the fingers press so hard on the guitar neck, it can often develop a twist and need straightening from time to time. If you can learn to play with the right technique and posture, you can help reduce the wear and tear on your instrument, while you’re making beautiful music together.

A properly tuned guitar is a necessity and the best way to get that is by using a guitar tuner. Click here to read guitar tuner reviews on the most popular brands and models, like the Intelli IMT500 tuner, and see how they stack up.

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