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Law Work Experience Is Vital To Future Solicitors

For any law student wanting to go on a secure a training contract, getting some legal work experience is absolutely crucial. The main reason for this is that practising an area of law can be very different to studying an area of law so the more practical work experience a student can get the better.

For example, some students may have found themselves become interested in two subjects in particular at university or law school, such as commercial law and criminal law. However, when they begin to research firms to apply to for a training contract they find that firms seem to practise one or the other and not both.

Consequently, they may think that they want to apply to both of these sorts of firms. This may be risky, however, if they have not gained some practical work experience of the different types of law.

The risk is that when they are successful at obtaining a training contract and they start work with a firm they may realise that they do not in fact like practising that area of law anywhere near as much as they did studying it.

This highlights the importance for students to get some practical experience with different types of firms.

The individual in the previous example would have been much better undertaking short law placements with a large commercial firm and a smaller high street firm specialising in criminal law. By doing so they would have been able to make a much more informed decision about where to apply to for their training contract and therefore reduce the risk of making a mistake.

Legal work placements can be done at various places from law firms to voluntary organisations.

It is important to look into the various work experience possibilities not only in the area you live to study but also where you might be living during the university or law school holidays if different.

Once you have done the research you should then put together a plan of who you are going to apply to, and when. This will help ensure you get experience in the areas you are most interested in but also to ensure you get a broad range of experience to inform your decisions down the line.

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