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Jailbreaking 3GS Phones in 6 Steps

A friend of mine recently asked me if it were truly impossible to jailbreak 3GS phones. Absolutely not, I said! So, for him and for you, I’ve laid out this guide to jailbreaking your iPhone. This entire process should take only about 30 minutes.

1. If you want to do a complete unlock of your mobile device it is necessary for you to jailbreak it and to do this you will need the genuine Apple IPSW. Attach the phone to it’s plug and after that click the restore button. You will need to select that you agree to do a back-up of the Apple phone and then you will need to download the app to restore it. As soon as the device displays the download pop-up message come up on the left portion of the phone’s LCD screen, disconnect the phone. You do not in reality want to restore it; you just need to get the IPSW file.

2. After the download completes, open up the redsn0w utility and then click on the key that says „browse“. If you are doing the download from iTunes, you have to select the iPhone2, 1_3.0 7A1 file – this can be located in your phones‘ library where it says iPhone Software Downloads; under sub-account that says user.

3. Hit Ok. Then pick the button that says „next“, you ought to get to where the kernel is in order to start compiling the customized firmware that is used to crack the mobile device. After completion of the loading procedure you’ll be queried as to which options you want to load. Click the check box on the Icy and Cydia boxes and click „next“ to permit redsn0w to finish putting together the firmware.

4. When the firmware is assembled, redsn0w will then at once put your phone into the DFU mode. You should know that 3GS iPhones carry very different processes with regard to DFU mode versus less recently manufactured iPhones. Carefully follow the process to unplug, power down and plug in the device. Hold the home button until the iTunes logo shows up. The application is then able to begin the process of unlocking.

5. Once the unlock process ends, hook up to your Wireless network and pop open „Icy“. It will verify, and then you should do an edit at the top right section of the screen and next hit the plus button at the top left corner. Click the Add button to type in: where it says source. Click the bigger add button. Hit refresh to complete verification.

6. During the time that you are in the section for the Icy app, you should scroll downwards and choose the key that says „Utilities“. Be certain that you pick „Utilities“, not „Utility“. At the end of this utilities screen „ultrasn0w“ should be located. Push that and then Hit „Install“. After the completion of the install, your jailbreak 3GS is done – simpley reboot the device and you are all done!

Before you purchase any phone cracking programsonline, make sure you check Josh Jones‘ excellent free report on the best jailbreak 3gs software, and his tutorial on how to jailbreak 3g iPhones in general

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