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Is Even the Best Jailbreak Software All Just a Big Lie?

This really gets my goat, so to speak. I read a post on an Apple forum online the other day that implied that there were no real jailbreaking software applications. The poster intimated that all jailbreak software websites were just out to steal your money – that this type of automated software for cracking your phone didn’t even exist and was just a myth.

Today, I will be writing for you a reply. Cracking a specific phone iOS manually involves going through millions of lines of code. Normally, gangs of elite hackers toil for months and months in their secret laboratory on making a crack for each iOS that comes out. Without instructions, it could take a normal person an eternity; Even if you had instructions, you are facing a week’s worth of work, locked in your basement. Tens of millions of end users have unlocked their mobile devices now. Is it your belief that they to a person possessed the technological skills (and the ambition) to work for years upon years reading over lines of arcane code, in the recesses of their mobile device iOS, to unlock their iGadget? Are all of them hacking wizards?

Or do you think that it’s more likely that they are paying for jailbreak software and cracking their iDevice automatically?

Now, if you think that the millions of people with jailbroken phones are elite hackers who cracked their phones manually, then I dare you to try it yourself. When you get frustrated, come back and read the rest of this article. But if you believe me that jailbreak software exists, then where do you think it comes from? Does it fall from the sky? Does God install it on people’s computers for them? Or are they purchasing it from a website?

Do I sound passionate about this topic? That’s because I am. Now, onto my next point. The best jailbreak software sites are not scams. How do I know? Because they accept Paypal. Scammers never ever, ever, accept Paypal. This is because when you pay via Paypal, and you end up getting scammed, all you have to do is to report the scam to Paypal with one click, and Paypal reverses the charges. So scammers would never take Paypal because they would never make any money if they did so.

So do you understand? Jailbreak software is real, and it is awesome. And you will not get scammed if you use Paypal, no ifs, ands, or buts.

If you’re shopping about for jailbreak software, don’t buy anything before you read the author’s reviews of the Internet’s best jailbreak software. He spent 14 months developing it, and is certain that you’ll like it.

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