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IPhone 4 Cases: A Consumer’s Guide

With the advent of the iPhone 4, Mac has (yet again) revolutionized how we use technology. Gone are the days of clunky cellular phones. In their place are the sleek, new mobile phones. Now, the competition is among the carriers for a better, faster, stronger phone.

Most of the modern cell phones come equipped with a camera, internet access, music, etc. The iPhone 4 makes all of those better. Instead of a stylus, it has a touch screen. But, it only comes in black.

If you’re a pro-Mac user, you may want to check out the cases offered from Mac stores. The first is the iSkin revo-designed with your iPhone 4 in mind! It comes in blue/black and red/black. According the Store, this case is highly durable and protects all „vulnerable“ parts of your iPhone 4 (including ports). Included with the case are two „privacy screens,“ which are static cling pieces that go over the touch-screen of the iPhone 4.

They’re tinted so that if you are not looking at your iPhone 4 directly, what is seen is tinted darkly to black. There is also a cover that can snap into place over the screen when it’s not in use. This little number will run you $39.95. According to two reviews, it does exactly what it says: protects the phone. It does, however, have a few design flaws. If you’re willing to put up with having to charge your phone every night, then this may be the case for you.

But, let’s not be too hasty!

Also from the Mac Store-Incase! It’s a sleek, soft cover that comes in magenta, black, cyan, slate, chocolate, and yellow. It fits over the phone, leaving the screen area completely visible. It, too, has a protective film for over the front. It does exactly as it says-protects the phone from falls and accidents.

However, according to several consumers, it scratches the chrome of the phone if dust or lint get into it. It also needs to be removed before trying to fit the iPhone 4 into the docking station. This iPhone 4 case runs $29.95. If you’re looking to protect the phone and never ever go without a case, then the scratching of the chrome may not bother you.

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