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Invade Entertainment!

Advertising is Everywhere

Entertainment and advertising are popping up in more and more places — on the Internet, on your phone, heck, probably in your dreams. And naturally there’s a steady demand for people to fill those spaces in our lives. Which brings me to why I’m here, to suggest that if you’re interested in being one of those folks, you should think about talking to a good, reputable talent agency.

Just as models and actors are showing up in more places, so too are the agencies looking to represent them. And not all of these agencies have your best interests at heart. Some are just looking to make a quick buck, so keep a hand on the wallet and ask questions. Do your homework. This is an important relationship, so make sure you trust the agency you decide to work with.

Research the Talent Agency

Once you’ve decided your agency is on the level, you’ll want to get started with this whole process. You need model composites. That’s your calling card in the industry. The agency can help you get set up with those essentials, assuming they’re fully licensed.

Now comes the part where you put some serious thought into what kind of work you’re going to want to do. Will it be magazine ads or catwalk walking? Will it be lending your voice to radio or your feet to the latest shoe commercial? Or will you try your talents at acting? There are TV shows shooting all the time, all over the place. Whatever the case, get ready to dedicate yourself to the job.

Hard Work and the Right Look

And hey, don’t doubt yourself because you don’t think you have the right look for the job. Talent agencies seek all kinds of people of all ages for the variety of work that’s out there. A casting director’s tastes may be for just what you have to offer, in which case you should be there to take the job. In other words, don’t be discouraged because you think you look sort of like everybody; sometimes, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

But this is why the relationship with the agency is so important. The talent agency is going to be your guide through this whole process, from composites to auditions, and hence it’s important to know who you’re dealing with. So research the agency and the promises it makes. When you find the right one, it’ll be the one that wants you to succeed, that treats you like a partner and not just a walking, talking wallet. Get out there and work hard.

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