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How to MIG weld tubing

„I think that tubing is among the trickiest things to weld over all, and particularly whenever your starting out however with practice and the right know-how it’s going to be a bit of cake“.

If your welding tubing it will take additional hand control and accuracy compared to common straight plate joint welds.

You will be able to weld tubes in a several alternative ways:

you can separated the tube down into 4 separate welds.

Also can split it in to two welds. Tacking the tubes at the two start as well as halting areas of the joint. But you should know that the tube is more apt to move to at least one side with solely 2 tack welds apposed to the three or four tacks.

The correct way I like is to tack the tube three times the spot where the start stop of the weld is. Then make an attempt to to weld the long weld as well as the two smaller welds.

In cases where you understand you your tube is not going to move and then 2 should really be okay. but there was a couple of times where I believed the tube wasn’t going to move with 2 tack welds and then to my astonishment the tacks equally broke and the actual tube jumped out of place, Consequently only use your better reasoning.

Welder Tuning regarding Mig Welding Tubing

Before you begin welding the tubing joints you’re most likely going to have to optimize the particular functions in your mig welder for the welding tubes.

„For this section for this example you’re planning to weld .120 walled tubing witch is approximately adequate to 1/8 thick material.“

I’d take advantage of the setting recommendations on the inside door of one’s welder, or maybe in the event that you have a good settings for 1/8″ start off with that. On virtually all welders the stock controls could be way too HOT and you’ll get a „V“ formation or perhaps are not getting the good spherical weld bead, then:

Start by reducing your current wire rate. If that doesn’t help out, drop the settings down to the following lowest setting on the control panel. In the event that even now nothing, You will have to continue on fine tuning by reducing your current wire speed. And then your volt adjustments. Perform repeatedly that process until you have an excellent steady distinct „Frying Bacon“ sound along with a good rounded bead stack.

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