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How to Direct a Phone Interview

Nowadays companies are focusing increasingly on the outcome of the recruiting operation so more fresh recruitment methods get popular, one of them is phone interviewing.. Conducting an interview via telephone saves time and money since most common phone interview questions usually take up to 15 minutes of your time. In this article we’re going to talk about ways of conducting a phone interview whether you are an employer or an employee.

Let’s say you’re the employer and you need a certain candidate for the job. The first thing you should do after making a list of potential employees to call is to write down the phone interview questions. You need to have a list of questions for the applicant and the resume of each of them next to you when you make the call. Try to get the most amount of data about your applicant just by listeningto his voice; is he really the type of candidate suited for the job?

You’re going to be more selective with your choices because you can’t see his face and you can’t read his body language. Write down anything you view as important. Give your applicant sufficient time to ask for clarifications.It’s a phone interview so don’t take it too lightly, because you’ll tend to do other things while talking on the phone, making long breaks in the conversation. Don’t do it! It’s unprofessional. Try to convey a clear image about the job and always take lead in the conversation.

If you’re the candidate you have to know there’s an extremely selective operator at the other end of the line that will conduct the conversation at all times so the optimal scheme you can have is to be prepared as much as you can. When they call you to schedule the interview you have the opportunity to choose the exact particular date and time so capitalize on that.

Checking the employer’s history has always been a great idea. Make a list of common phone interview questions and answer and read it a couple of times. Some of the questions should require multiple answers, for example: „What are the major 3 reasons you want to work with us?“. If something goes wrong don’t lose yourself. Supposedly they ask you for five reasons instead of three and you haven’t prepared for that, that’s no reason to freeze. Just say to them frankly if you can’t answer a particular question. Finally, when you speak on the phone stand up and smile, it makes your voice more pleasant. Remember, you have a lot of advantages when you’re not face to face. You can walk while speaking and you don’t have to put pressured on yourself by having uncontrolled movements and you can read the phone interview questions from your script if your ideas fade away.

Phone interview questions and answers that help you to understand more easily the interview process and be ten times more geared up than any other competitor. Also try checking common phone interview questions

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