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How To Become A New York Taxi Driver In An Easy, Quick Way

Typically, people think of large buildings and the hustle and bustle of daily life when asked about New York. This is all true, but cabs are the unsung heroes that tie a lot of this action together. These professionals shuttle people across a city that is known for being difficult to drive in. If you have ever wondered how to become a New York taxi driver, you might be surprised how involved the process is.

First and foremost, candidates should have a chauffeur’s license, ideally issued in New York. However, licenses from surrounding states also work. If you have one from Pennsylvania, Connecticut or New Jersey, a paper from the DMV explaining what type of license you have is required. Also, this document should be issued within one month of your application.

Don’t worry too much about previous tickets or traffic violations. As long as you have resolved them correctly, they will not stop you from getting a job. You should also take care of any outstanding parking tickets before starting. Also, while it may seem strange, you need to fill out a child support certification form, regardless of your marital status or whether you have any children or not. A valid Social Security number is also necessary.

After you have thoroughly completed all of these documents, you can search for a defensive driving course. The state has certified certain schools for this purpose. Your potential employer can tell you which ones near you are the best. Also, be aware that there are different types of courses. The basic ones are quick and cover the basics. However, more in-depth courses take a little longer and provide more information. Regardless of which one you take, you should finish this a good six months before you apply.

You will also have to make other payments for your application. First, you have to apply for a probationary one-year license. In order to get this, you have to take fingerprints and a drug test to check your status. In total, expect to pay around 500 dollars, depending on your personal circumstances and history.

Moreover, you must see a doctor who can verify that you are healthy and in a condition to perform your job. Minor health issues will not be a problem. If you have a serious condition that could make driving dangerous, you might need to consult further with the doctor. People in the industry can point out doctors who are familiar with the check.

Of course, don’t just believe any claims you see online. There are people out there who say that they can game the system or get around requirements. This is a warning sign and you should avoid providers like this since failure to apply correctly can end up hurting you in the end. Stick to the letter of the law and submit all the required documents.

Most people truly don’t know how to become a New York taxi driver. They do not realize that the person behind the wheel has really gone through a lot in order to have that job. However, that process ensures that these people are responsible professionals with the ability to safely and quickly get people from point A to point B.

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