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How The Movies Influence Male Fashion

When it comes to male fashion, although there many different cuts and styles when it comes to tailored suits and shirts, casual wear options have always been somewhat lacking, with most fashion shops choosing to focus on the female market over the male. The creation of the metrosexual way of life altered the face of men’s fashion, meaning the past few decades have seen a change, which, granted, might not have given them the same options women have when it comes to clothes, but it helped close the gap.

The demographic of movie-goers has also changed with time, meaning Hollywood has had to catch up. In order to attract the most lucrative audience, many film makers took to making films that attracted males aged in their late teens to early twenties. Box office hits, such as The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, and Transformers, owe there success to the vast new echo-boomer generation, the second largest generation behind the baby-boomers. Many of these successful films create merchandise that help to promote the film, meaning fashion is directly influenced thanks to the creation of branded bags and t-shirts.

Equally, films directed in a more progressive and modern style, such as Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, have benefited from Hollywood’s changed demographic. It’s these more progressive, very teenage orientated films that seem to be almost altering the style of male fashion in a very notable way.

The fur hooded parka sported by the lead character in the Scott Pilgrim film is one example of fashion falling under cinematic influences, as once the parka had been shown on screen, many high street shops began selling similar parka coats, declaring them once more in style. Similarly, the rest of the casts‘ unique scruffy, causal, „hipster“ styles also began to bleed into the high street shops, and onto the designers‘ runways.

Occasionally people wonder whether a films styling has actually created fashion movements, or if the films styling simply reflected a fashion movements already occurring. More often then not, the film and the fashion worlds‘ progress at such similar speeds, detecting who pre-empted who is nigh on impossible task.

A great movie example would be the use leather jackets for men in 70s hit, Grease, which brought the leather jacket back out of wardrobes and put it back on backs all over the world.

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