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Hostgator WordPress Set Up

There’s little doubt that WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and blogging platform. It stands to reason that every hosting company makes sure their customers can start and run WP blogs with no hassle whatsoever. Hostgator wordpress hosting is the ideal example because it’s so simple and an incredibly effective platform for growing a blog from nothing to hugely successful.

It might be a good idea to start with the basic requirements. WordPress is a PHP script with MySQL as the backend database. As far as the hosting is concerned, what this means is that it has to be a Linux server, and not an IIS installation running on Windows. If all this seems too technical, just ignore the geek talk and focus on finding a suitable Linux web hosting package, because that’s all it needs.

However, the devil is in the details. Some web hosts place severe limitations on everything from the number of domains that can be hosted to the disk space, number of databases, bandwidth usage, etc. A basic shared hosting package that costs a few dollars a month can quickly snowball into a big bill due to additional charges for exceeding these limits.

The reason Hostgator is in a class by itself is that even their basic packages offer unlimited use of resources. Customers do not face limits on bandwidth, number of databases, disk space, domains or anything else. This means that hosted blogs and websites can be promoted and grown without any worry about how that growth will hike the hosting costs.

The thing is that the growth of an Internet business is entirely dependent on increasing traffic and adding more websites and blogs to attract new kinds of visitors. The problem is that while this growth brings a spurt of traffic, the business still hasn’t learnt to monetize effectively. The hosting costs start spiraling and the losses start piling up. This is where Hostgator provides the business a huge advantage, since they do not charge anything more than the basic package cost of a few dollars per month.

Even setting aside the price factor, there are still many other aspects where Hostgator offers exceedingly high performance as compared to other well known web hosting companies. Anyone who has tried their 1-Click QuickInstall knows it’s a breeze to get a WP blog up and running. Experienced bloggers may want to customize the settings and install the script manually, but new bloggers will be vastly relieved to know that one click is all it takes to start blogging.

It’s just as easy to transfer blogs from other hosts. The company’s tech support team does everything, getting the customer’s blogs and sites up and running on the new server with minimal disruption and little or no downtime. Customers also do not have to do anything to get regular upgrades and top-notch security.

Everything used is updated to the newest versions, including the Apache server and the PHP and MySQL on it, and the WordPress script. Enhanced security is provided by running PHP as suPHP. Let’s just say that the blogs will run extremely smoothly without any tech snafus. This is literally guaranteed, since wordpress hosting on Hostgator comes with a 99.9% uptime promise.

Dhruv Patel is a customer of HostGator. He has created a web site to promote HostGator. You will get tutorials related to HostGator on his web site. You will also get more information about hostgator remove wordpress directory there.

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