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History Of The Band Linkin Park

„SuperXero“ was started in San Jose California in 1996. The name must be unfamiliar to you but this was the name of a band that has ingeniously combined the concepts of Rock and Rap. This was the year when six young men got together to found this band, Brad Delson on lead guitar, Mike Shinoda on vocals, Rob Bourdon on drums, Dave Farrell on bass, and Mark Wakefield as the lead singer. The name „SuperXero“ was quickly altered to Xero due to the unpopularity of the name. This negative crowd reaction prompted the lead singer to resign. You can find the ground breaking music of this artist on internet radio.

A year before the millennium, a new member, Chester Bennington, came to join the band which name was changed to Hybrid Theory. Similar to the prior names, this named encountered problems being accused of duplicating the name of a different artist. In deference to a park in Santa Monica, California, the name of the band was again changed, this time to Lincoln Park. Since the new name lacked any uniqueness, the name was finalized as „Linkin Park“.

The name Hybrid Theory was never forgotten. In fact, it was carried by their first album which was released in 2000. The millennium year must be the band’s luckiest year as their album launched became a success. It was even considered as one of the biggest debuts of all time that sells roughly 10 million copies just in the States. Since this time „Linkin Park“ has enjoyed success in the rap rock genre.

Two years after the successful debut album launch, „Linkin Park“ launched „Projekt Revolution“, which brought together different bands and artists from 2 different genres of hip hop and rap. Come the next year, another album, „Meteora“, was released. In another year, still another album, Collision Course, was released to the public. This album, which was a collaboration of „Linkin Park“ and „Jay-Z“, topped the billboard chart.Look for „Linkin Park“ on your favorite internet radio station.

Behind the success in every album launch, one of their songs, „One Step Closer“ has been linked to a violent incident in their home state. It was all over the news that this song has violently compelling lyrics.

The band has been no stranger to controversy, even each of the names they chose caused controversy. Even before the name „Linkin Park“ was chosen, critics charged the band for choosing this name strictly for commercial and competitive reasons. The Hybrid Theory moniker was altered to „Linkin Park“ due to legal concerns. A different recording artists was already using this name on it recording labels.

Taking advantage of the power of the internet, the band generated fans by promoting their name and music online. The internet enabled the band to rapidly expand their presence. Today, „Linkin Park“ is just one of those bands which we look up to for breaking history with their collective talents.

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